RAC Update – 12/29/2005 

Just a few items this week… 


The Garret Stair Closet (M-204) has been studded 

The evidence on the floor of Nellie’s Chamber is being uncovered by the carpenters (it was trapped under linoleum).  So far the evidence reflects what was proposed on the initial plans All of the physical evidence for the partitions is being double checked by Chad K. and he is currently digitizing the information 


New Passage (M-002):  Several sheathing boards from the cellar stair enclosure were uncovered in the c. 1901 attic space of the bowling alley.  The boards (which range from 12-1/2″ to 13-1/8″ thick) show evidence of two generations of stairs (c. 1809 and c. 1880) as well evidence for plaster on the undercarriage of the c. 1809 stair.  Both points had already been observed on the north wall of the room, but the evidence was a bit ephemeral and its exciting to have solid proof.  In addition, the ghosts for the c. 1809 stair has evidence for the size of the stair’s raisers, treads, nosing and its finishes.   

Drawing Room (M-108) 

Ray C. has removed the stone mantle and will start to repair/restore it next week.  The lintel and one of the legs can be repaired, but one leg and the plinth blocks were beyond salvaging (they will be retired to the architectural artifact collection were they can be used later for exhibits). 


Shingling progresses and they are about to start the first cricket. 


Work continues on the second floor framing  


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