RAC Update: 4/3/2006


Everything continues to move forward and most of the work is currently directed towards preparing the exterior for the removal of the scaffolding on the western elevation.  However, work still progresses on the interior and the re-installation of the window sashes (Mark Gooch) has had a dramatic impact on the Mansion.  The replacement sash cord is a six-strand, hemp cord that matches the surviving cord found on the single-hung sashes flanking the western elevation’s central-exterior door. 

Chamber (M-111) 

Wayne (from Price Masonry) continues to reconstruct the chimney breast.  While the original chimney had been demolished in c. 1901, significant details remained below the floor level that revealed the dimensions of the stack, the width of the surround and information on the size of the hearth.  Currently the masons are preparing to reconstruct the eastern portion of the arch (which was also removed by the duPonts) that supported the two flues as they corbelled into a central stack. 

North Wing Passage (M-102) 

The masons are repointing the southern wall of this space.  Previously they had repaired and repointed the first floor level of the stair enclosure’s southern wall


The shingling on the western elevation and the Portico is finished (or will be finished later today).  Repairs to the purlin and rafters that were cut when the southern dormer was installed are also underway.  Finally, the metal work for the northern wing’s terras roof is slowly being completed (the top, and final, layer of metal is being installed). 

Exterior Cornice 

The painters are concentrating on the exterior woodwork to prepare for the removal of the scaffolding.  Carpenters Amy and Austin are also finishing the repairs to the cornice.


The grade for under the portico has been re-established and Bill is installing the deck framing.  In the next two or three weeks, the Portico will be essentially completed (except for the stairs, lattice and several other details) and it will have regained its Madison era form. 

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