RAC Update – 4/10/2006


The scaffolding over the Colonnade is coming down today and we expect the removal of the scaffolding on the west elevation to start sometime this week. 


Mark Gooch continues to re-install pulleys and window sashes.  All of the existing Madison era pulleys are being re-matched to their original locations and re-cast brass replacements are being installed where no original pulley survives. 

The Architectural Research Department has also gathered information, with the help of Mark Wegner, on sizes of the pre-period III windows in the 1760 and 1797 bays.  This information will be used by an architectural rendering class at UVa to produce new models of the Mansion that more accurately reflect is appearance during the first two Madison periods. 

Chair Rails 

Mark Wenger and I are currently refining the chair rail profiles.  We are printing the draft profiles out on acetate and we will be comparing them to Susan Buck and Christine Thompson’s reveals to be sure they still match what was exposed. 

Drawing Room (M-108) 

The location of the nail holes potentially used by Madison to hang paintings in the Drawing room have been recorded and entered into AutoCAD.  We are planning on excavating the holes this week (although I believe I have written that very sentence once or twice before) and recording the depth and diameter of each hole.  In addition, the UVa rendering class is also working with us to produce draft three dimensional elevations showing the locations for the Drawing Room paintings that have known measurements.

Chamber (M-111) 

Wayne M. continues to reconstruct the chimney breast and flue.  I expect that this week they will begin to corbel the stack over and re-establish the springing for the vault that was truncated by the duPonts. 


The framing is installed and it is a great looking, tightly fitting example of timber framing.  Hopefully the decking will be on in time for the April 26th RAC meeting.  Also, test samples for the deck’s sanded paint finish are being produced and the Portico’s woodwork is receiving its final coat of paint. 


Shingling continues and the main focus of work is the south hip.  


Mark W. and Matt L. continue to work on construction drawings for the stairs. 


The archaeologists continue to excavate in front of the colonnade in preparation for the installation of the HVAC system.  They were hoping to find evidence of a path or two leading from the colonnade stairs, but so far nothing has turned up.

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