RAC Update – 4/17/2006       


The main objective over the past week continued to be finishing up the exterior carpentry and painting so the scaffolding can be removed.  Everything is going smoothly and it looks like the scaffolding will be down by the April 29th deadline.  The masons also continue to repoint any areas of failing mortar on the interior walls.


Mark G. continues to re-install the window sashes.

Chamber over Mr. Madison’s Room 

Susan B. has reported that the fragment of wallpaper she found on the side of the Mantel that is believe to have originally been installed in this room does indeed appear to be an early paper.  It is a flax based paper with two periods of paint (the first period is a blue-green distemper). 

Dining Room (M-105) 

Susan B. has also compared the paint samples she took from the Thompson mantel on Chicken Mountain Road with samples taken from the wood work in the Dining Room (M-105).  Her findings show that the paint chronologies are almost identical, providing strong evidence to support the theory that the mantel was originally located in the Dining Room (M-105).  The first period paint coat was a light cream with a varnish overcoat and the second (which might also be related to the Madison occupation) is a glossy cream color paint with a varnish additive. 

Chamber (M-111) 

Wayne continues to rebuild the chimney breast in this room.


The framing is installed and the footers for the stairs are being excavated and poured this week. 


Shingling on the hips continues and work preparing the eastern side is also on-going.


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