RAC Update – 5/8/2006


The ARD department was given an outstanding tour of Monticello on Friday by Bill Beiswanger and Bob Self.  We are also continuing to look for evidence for the various wash campaigns and possible new samples have turned up under the colonnade (next to, but not under, the northern pilaster) and on an encapsulated brick fragment that was part of a window jamb in 1765.


Wayne Mays is removing a portion of the brickwork over the southern arched opening in the drawing room to prepare a chase for the return ductwork.  A hole is also being opened on the second floor above the arch.  In addition, I believe all contracts relating the mechanical bids have been signed and work is scheduled to begin in June.

North Wing (M-100) and Dolley Kitchen (M-001) 

The portion of the oven flue that was removed by the duPonts has been rebuilt.  The flue was recorded with photos and measured drawings. 


A principal rafter and the 1765 purlin on the eastern elevation, both which were truncated by the installation of the duPont’s southern dormer, have been repaired.  Austin is in the process of cutting new braces to span between the same principal rafter and the easternmost kingpost.  Shingling also continues on the northern hip.


Work continues on framing the stairs.


The northern pilaster was removed for repairs.  While this pilaster does not exhibit as much deterioration as the southern pilaster, several areas of brown rot are still visible.  A treatment option similar to the southern pilaster, removal of punky wood followed by consolidation and pine dutchmen, has been followed.

Exterior Woodwork 

The painters continue to put the final coats of paint on the exterior woodwork.


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