RAC Update – 5/30/2006


Plaster was removed from the north side of the northern arched opening.  A fairly large masonry pocket was revealed that is probably associated with the c. 1797 stair framing (it lines up with other known evidence for the c. 1797 stair) along with nailers for the 1797 baseboard on the landing.  Additionally, a deteriorated door header over the southern cellar opening was repaired with a dutchman.  A piece of stainless steel is also being placed behind the weakened header to help carry the weight of the associated first floor joists.

The chimneys are also currently being lined with stainless steel tubing.  So far all flues are proving to be viable and everything is going according to plan.

North Passage (1st and 2nd Floor; M-106 and M-205) 

The duPont second floor joists have been removed and Les is preparing to remove the first floor flooring and joists.

1797 Dining Room (M-105) 

Mr. Thompson brought the chimney cap to Montpelier to make sure that the nail holes found on the nailer correspond with holes in the cap.  The holes did indeed line up and Mr. Thompson has left the cap with us for the time being.  The next step is to get the chimney cap appraised and then to hopefully negotiate a price/donation with Mr. Thompson.

North Wing and Dolley’s Kitchen (M-001) 

A piece of heart pine was sistered onto the side of the eastern most joist (which had not deteriorated as much as the three adjoining joists).  All of the damaged joists have now been repaired and the next step is to install the flooring.

South Wing Passage (M-116) and Little Room (M-115)

The flooring for these spaces is on hand and Steve Chronister is preparing to lay the floor.  After these spaces are finished, work on the floors in the 1765 Dining Room (M-112) will start. 


Shingling on the eastern elevation continues and the roofers expect to be finished by July.  The flashing is also being installed in the reglets on the northern chimneys. 


The final modifications are being made to the stringers.

Wash Evidence Investigation 

Susan Buck was here last week sampling various traces of surviving wash on the masonry.  Samples from approximately ten different locations were taken, including several areas which, if the wash remains intact, should be datable to a known period.

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