RAC Update – 6/12/2006


The masons from Price Masonry are continuing to prepare the masonry for the installation of ductwork.  Specifically they continue to prep the two c. 1901 arches and they have started to remove two of the basement sashes on the eastern side in order to stabilize a wall that will have ductwork running under it.

The stainless steel ductwork for the chimney flues is almost 100% installed.

Ditches in the cellar for the subterranean ductwork are being excavated.

A space is being prepared for staging the HVAC contractors on the east lawn.  Geo-fabric covered with gravel (similar to is used in the existing staging areas) is being installed to help mitigate the impact on any archaeological features.

South Wing Passage (M-116) and South Wing Small Room (M-115) 

Steve has started to lay new heart pine flooring in these two spaces.  The flooring was hand selected by Blaise Gaston and is amazingly clear and straight grained.

c. 1765 Dining Room 

The room is being prepped for new flooring.  All of the Madison era flooring in this space was removed by the duPonts and new heart pine floorboards have been specified.

North Wing Room (M-100) 

Keith has finished his repairs to the joists in the northeastern corner of the room and has also re-laid the flooring.  He is currently inserting patches into holes that had been drilled through the flooring to run radiator and water pipes.

North Cellar Passage 

The poured concrete slab floor is being removed from this space.

Nelly’s Kitchen (M-009) 

The poured concreted walls that defined Randolph Scott’s exercise pit are being taken down to approximately a foot below the restored finish floor level. 


About three-quarters of the shingles have been laid on the eastern slope.  The carpenters are also moving their shop out of the garret and down to the second floor. 


The risers and the first pieces of trim are being installed on the stair stringers. 


The architects continue to work on restored framing for the stairs as well as coordinating the construction drawings for installing the mechanicals.


Matt and the archaeologists continue to dig on the western lawn in front of the Mansion.  Evidence of a road bed is starting to appear and one large post hole has been found. 


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