RAC Update – 6/19/2006


The masons are currently building the northern duct chase that is going to run through the northern series of c. 1901 arched doorways. 

Ditching continues in the basement.

The mechanical contractors’ staging area on the east lawn has been finished.

South Wing Passage (M-116) and South Wing Small Room (M-115) 

Steve has finished laying the new flooring in these spaces.  The framing for the wall cavity to hold the utilities in M-115 (which will be the sick room) has also been installed.

Old Dining Room (M-112) 

The room is being prepped for flooring.  As part of this process, the existing c. 1765 hearth and several of the joists are being jacked back into their original position (original floor level is shown by c. 1765 flooring trapped under the partition between M-112 and M-113 (Dining Room Closet)).  The hearth also appears to have cracked into two separate pieces sometime prior to the c. 1850s and the eastern piece appears to have been reset.

Nelly’s Kitchen (M-008)          

The poured concrete retaining walls that held Randolph Scott’s exercise pit are being demolished to approximately one foot below finish grade. 


Austin continues to repair/replace missing elements of the framing, including parts of the king post trusses and wind braces.


Shingling is approximately 90% completed on the eastern slope and portions of the scaffolding are being taken down.


The risers are being installed and the framing is getting a final coating of zintox.  Also, Steve Chronister found fragments of two of the original portico risers when he was removing the c. 1850 baseboards from the Old Dining Room (M-112).  Fortunately, since all of the stringers and risers had already been cut for the reconstructed stair, the riser fragments measured approximately 7” (with about 1” of each riser having been sawed off to make the 6” beaded baseboard).


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