RAC Update 6/26/2006 through 7/3/2006


The masons are still constructing the 3’ duct chase through the arched doorways on the first and second floors.  The masons are also re-pointing the exterior walls in the cellar in order to stabilize them before the perimeter trenches are excavated.

M-112 (Old Dining Room) 

Steve is leveling the joists in this room before the new flooring is installed. Surviving c. 1765 flooring found under a partition wall is being used to determine the period floor level.

M-100 and M-102 (North Wing Chamber and North Wing Passage) 

Keith has finished patching the radiator and water pipe holes in the floors for these spaces.

M-105 (New Dining Room) 

The circa 1900 flooring found on top of the original c. 1797 floors is being removed for repairs and investigations.


Austin continues to repair the two king post trusses in the portico


The shingling on the main block’s roof has been completed.  The house also remained dry after several days of heavy rain.


The last treads are being installed on the portico stairs.  After the stairs are finished, the portico’s decking will be installed. 

East Elevation 

The masons are cleaning off the remaining stucco haze from above the colonnade. 



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