RAC Update 7/12/2006


Steel supports are being placed into the two northern cellar window openings.  They will be used to support the northeastern wall of the main block while the duct chases are excavated under the wall’s footers. 

M-101 (Small North Wing Room) 

Keith has started to lay new tongue-and-grooved heart-pine flooring in this space.

M-105 (New Dining Room) 

The circa 1900 flooring found on top of the original c. 1797 floors has been removed for repairs and investigations.

M-112 (Old Dining Room) 

Steve Chronister continues to prepare for the new flooring in this space.

M-114 (Vaulted Closet)) 

Keith has finished patching the radiator and water pipe holes in the flooring and hatch in the closet.


The masons are repointing and stabilizing cellar walls in prior to excavating the HVAC duct chases (a majority of the work is being done in M-001 and M-004).  Some portions of the chases that do not impact the masonry walls have already been excavated.


Austin continues to repair the two king post trusses in the portico. 


The portico decking will is currently being installed. 

East Elevation 

The masons are cleaning off the remaining stucco haze from above the colonnade. 

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