RAC Update 7/24/2006


The masons continue to work underpin the eastern foundation and preparing for the sub-foundation duct chases.


M-108 (Drawing Room)


Ray Cannetti has re-installed the stone hearth and surround in the Drawing Room.  It’s a beautiful piece of carving and it’s great to see it back in place.  Ray has also re-installed the nailers on either side of the mantle and grouted behind the jambs and head with a semi-hydraulic lime grout.


Austin continues to repair the two king post trusses in the portico.  The king post for the western most interior truss is installed and Austin is currently working on the up and down bracing. 


Mac continues to install the portico decking and the steps have been painted.  The large temporary handicap access ramp, which will ferry visitors up to the portico deck from grade level, has been finished.

Wing Decks 

The decking panels for the wing decks are being installed this week.  The decking has been mounted onto rot resistant ipe studs to form 5’x10’ (very approximately) panels.  When installed, the deck will appear as a single surface while allowing easy access to the terras roof for repairs or cleaning.

East Elevation 

The masons continue to clean the stucco haze off of the walls above the colonnade.

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