RAC Update – 8/1/2006


The masons continue to excavate and underpin along the eastern foundation.

M-103 (closet) and Dolley’s Cellar Stair Enclosure 

Keith has started to prepare the existing framing for flooring in M-103 and for the eventual reconstruction of the PIII cellar stair.

M-112 (Nelly’s Dining Room) 

Steve is making the final adjustments to the joist levels in preparation for installing the new flooring. 

M-004 (wine cellar) 

Mark Gooch has started to repair the door threshold between M-004 and M-005.


Austin is currently restoring the northern most period II king post truss and the central P I truss is being prepped for restoration.


Mac and several interns continue to install the portico decking.  Approximately ¾ of the decking has been laid.

Wing Decks 

The decking panels for the wing decks are almost installed.    

East Elevation 

The masons continue to clean the stucco haze off of the brickwork over the colonnade. 

Artifact Search 

During a search for artifacts that might provide information on Madison era finishes, Josh Teates discovered a torn, but nearly complete, handwritten letter in a stud pocket behind a baseboard in M-209.  The letter appears to have been written by a man named Peter Mitchell and may mention a Mr. Moncure.  The Moncure may be Henry Moncure who owned Montpelier in the 1840s, but nothing conclusive is yet known. 


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