RAC Update – 8/7/2006


The masons from Price Masonry continue to excavate trenches in the cellar and underpin sections of the foundation that have ductwork passing under them.

M-103 (closet)  

Keith has started to lay the new heart pine floors in the closet.

M-112 (Nelly’s Dining Room) 

Steve has started laying the new heart pine floors in the dining room.

M-004 (Wine Cellar) 

A joist that had been headed off in order to install a duPont era heating grate in the Drawing Room has been temporarily removed.  In order to restore the joist, a new piece of heart pine will be scarfed on the end to re-establish its original length. 


Mark Gooch continues to fabricate thresholds for the doorways between M-004/M-005 and M-008/M-009.


Austin is currently restoring the northern most period II king post truss and the central P I truss is being prepped for restoration (same as 8/1/2006 report).


Mac has almost completed the deck on the portico (approximately 5 boards remain to be laid).  The next step will be to route a bullnose edge on the ends of the boards.

Wing Decks 

The decks are being prepped for installation of the Chinese railings and Blaise Gaston is currently preparing materials for the railings.

Colonnade Deck 

Temporary scaffolding is being built to access the deck and preparations to build the Chinese railings are currently being made by Blaise Gaston


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