RAC Update – 9/11/2006


The masons from Price Masonry continue to excavate trenches in the cellar and underpin sections of the foundation.  Currently they have finished one of the two circular-brick sleeves under the foundation of the east exterior wall and have started to excavate for the second one.  Additionally, they are still underpinning the western side of the c. 1764 northern exterior wall.  The steel I-beam pilings are also installed and excavating has begun in earnest.  Finally, the sub-terrain concrete cradles that will carry the HVAC ductwork throughout the cellar are currently being installed.

M-108 (Drawing Room)

Keith has finished patching the northern duPont era heating grate hole in the Drawing Room floor and has begun to repair the southern hole. 

M-112 (Nelly’s Dining Room) 

Steve and Mac continue to lay the new heart pine floors in the dining room with Les undercutting each board.  In order to accommodate the new flooring the doorway between M-109 and M-112 was removed and raised a small amount.  The removal was necessary because the settling of the framing as well as the major repairs that were performed on the girt that supports the doorway (this was the same girt that was found to have an almost completely rotten interior). 


Mark continues to repair and re-installed windows as well as to restore doorframes prior to re-installation. 

South Wing Elevation

Kevin has begun to repair the brick work near grade level on this elevation.  He has also uncovered some interesting information regarding the Madison era grade level.


Austin continues to work on the eastern truss in the portico (when not helping with the Red Room re-installation) and the plywood walk boards for the HVAC duct work are being installed on the western side of the king post trusses..


Thomas continues to apply the second coat of stain to the shingles.  He has almost finished the eastern slope.



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