RAC Update – 9/25/2006


The trenches in the cellar continue to be lined with subterranean concrete cradles and the masons are starting to underpin the southeastern corner.  The masons have also returned to work on the vertical duct chase that is infilling the duPonts northern arched doorways.   The southern vertical duct chase that is occupying the reconstructed southeast chimney breast is also being prepared for ductwork. 

The excavation for the HVAC vault continues and the resulting 20’ deep hole has started to take on a fairly monumental appearance.  The electricians are also on site and they have started to mark out the preliminary locations of the wire paths.  Finally, the HVAC installers have started to pre-assemble some of the smaller duct runs. 

M-108 (Drawing Room)

Mark Gooch has finished re-hanging the triple-sash windows’ sash weights and removing duPont era weather stripping. 

M-109 (South Passage) 

Keith has started to prepare the floor joists to receive the flooring.

M-111 (Back Chamber) 

Mac and Steve Chronister have started to lay the floors in this space.


Austin has preliminarily fitted a replacement for the southern most principal rafter that had been cut during the duPont renovations.


Tom Snyder, from Williamsburg Art Conservation, Inc, has consolidated the composition egg and dart ornaments over the central doorway with a B-67 acrylic resin.  Because the existing paint was found to be filling many of the voids in the compo, all of the paint was conserved in place.  After consolidation, major areas of loss were filled with an epoxy, which also received a coating of B-67.  Finally, all of the ornaments were primed with the same primer that has been used throughout the restoration.


The carpenters from Mustard Seed construction are preparing the first floor joists for new decking.


The lighting protection system is being installed. 



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