RAC Update – 10/3/2006


The underpinning of the northeastern foundation of the main block has been finished and the house is once again resting on a proper masonry foundation (instead of being supported by steel I-beams).  The masons are now working on finishing the vertical duct chases. 

The duct work is being installed in the garret and most of the ducts on the eastern side are in place.  The subterranean, pre-cast concrete cradles also continue to be installed in the basement and metal conduits for the electrical and other systems are being installed in the vertical duct chases. 

The excavation for the HVAC vault is almost completed and it should be finished by the end of the week.  Finally, the fire suppression system is being laid out.

M-109 (South Passage) 

Keith has finished preparing the eastern floor joists to receive the new flooring.

M-111 (Back Chamber) 

Mac, Steve  and Les  have almost finished laying the floors in this space.

South end of the Second Floor

The duPont era stairs that accessed the garret have been removed in preparation for framing the Period I stair.  Mark Gooch is currently replacing joists in the space headed off for garret access in c. 1901.


Austin continues to work on replacing the truncated framing in the portico.


New heart pine decking is being laid on first floor deck.

Wing Roofs 

The decking panels are being permanently installed and preparations are being made for installing the Chinese rails.

Red Room Re-Installation 

The Red Room is almost complete and the last step, re-installing the art deco mantel, will be started this week.



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