RAC Update – 10/16/2006


About 3/4 of the duct work has being installed in the garret and they are starting to make the turns into the vertical duct chases.  The locations for high-pressure mist system’s nozzles are also being laid out.

The masons have almost finished lining the southern vertical duct case

The mud slab for the HVAC vault should be poured tomorrow.

M-110 (Period I Stairs)

Mac has installed the landing for the period I stair.  He is also, along with Steve Chronister, laying out the stairs’ LVL stringers.  LVLs for the stringers were specified to supply additional strength to the stairs to enable it to support large tour groups.  


Wayne Mays has started to re-secure the lath on the ceiling of this room in preparation for re-plastering.


Wayne Mays and Mathew Lohmeyer have re-secured the lath on the ceiling of this room.


Austin has finished replacing the principle rafter that continues into the portico from the main block’s roof. 


New heart pine decking is being laid on first floor deck by Bill and Nick.

Wing Roofs 

The decking panels continue to be installed and preparations are being made for installing the Chinese rails.

Red Room Re-Installation 

The Red Room Chimney piece is being installed after several minor repairs.


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