RAC Update – 11/1/2006


The vault floor is being poured and the rebar for the walls is being installed.

The HVAC ductwork is slowly creeping downward from the garret and both of the interior masonry wall chases are filled.  The stainless steel piping for the high-pressure mist system has also started to be run and the conduit for the electrical system is currently being installed in the wings. 


The eastern window framing in this room has been reinstalled and Kevin is finishing the repairs the surrounding brickwork.  This was the last window opening to be replaced.

M-109 (South Passage) 

Keith has finished laying the new floors in the eastern end of this space.

M-110 (Period I Stairs)

Mac has placed all of the stringers for the stair and installed temporary treads and risers.    The new flooring in what will be a closet under the stair is also being installed by Keith. 

M-209 (Upper South Passage) 

Wayne continues to install re-used riven lath on the ceiling of the room (almost none of the original lath survived in this space). 

M-210 (Southeast Chamber) 

Matt has started to install re-used riven lath on the ceiling of this room.


Austin has almost finished replacing the missing western slope common rafters that were removed by the duPonts when the portico garret was renovated into jockey quarters.  Material is also being prepared for relaying the floors in this space. 


The new heart pine decking continues to be laid on first floor deck by Bill and Nick (approximately ¾ of the decking has been laid).  Tim. from Price Masonry, is also repairing saw cuts in the brick work above the colonnade.

Wing Roofs 

The decking panels continue to be installed and preparations are being made for installing the Chinese rails.  Blaise has almost finished fabricating the rails and they should start to be installed in the next week or so. 


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