RAC Update – 11/8/2006


The forms for the walls of the vault are being built.

All the MEP is also being installed (conduit is being run throughout the house and the plumbing of the sick room (M-115) continues). 

Most of the duct work has been installed in the garret and holes are being made in the second floor ceiling to receive the diffusers. 

The concrete cradles for the HVAC and MEP systems continue to be installed.

M-104/M-105 (Mr. Madison’s Room/North Passage) 

Thomas has started to dismantle the non-structural elements of the existing duPont stair.  Once the period I stair has been finished, the rest of the stair will be removed. 

M-108 (Drawing Room)

Kevin has started to re-lay the hearth using recovered Madison period bricks.

M-110 (Period I Stairs)

Temporary skirt boards have been installed on the stair.

M-112/M-111 (Old Dining Room and Back Chamber) 

Mark Gooch is installing steel flitch plates on either side of the M-112/M-111 partition.  The plates will help bear some of the excess load that is concentrated near the northern end of the partition.   

M-210 (Linen Closet) 

Wayne has started to install re-used lath on the ceiling in this space. 

M-210 (Southeast Chamber) 

Matt has finished installing re-used riven lath on the ceiling of this room.


Austin is finishing up the repairs to the framing and continues to prepare the new flooring. 


Bill has laid approximately 95% of the new heart-pine decking.

Wing Roofs 

The decking panels continue to be installed and preparations are being made for installing the

Chinese rails.


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