RAC Update – 11/14/2006


The forms for the walls of the vault continue to be constructed.

All the MEPs continue to be installed with the Montpelier construction crew drilling all holes for conduits.

Areas of the second floor ceiling are being prepared for diffusers and the exact locations for floor registers are being finalized.

The concrete cradles for the HVAC and MEP systems continue to be installed.

M-104/M-105 (Mr. Madison’s Room/North Passage) 

The decorative elements of the duPont stair have been removed and placed into temporary storage at the Silk Mill warehouse. 

M-201 (Large Bedroom) 

Wayne Mays and Mathew Lohmeyer are nailing up re-used riven lath onto the ceiling.  Much of the original lath remains and new lath is being installed as needed.

South Upper Passage (M-208, M-209 and M-211) 

The remaining partitions for these three spaces are being installed. 


Bill has finished installing the new decking and has started to install trim.

Wing Roofs 

The edges of the south wing deck panels are being trimmed and the Chinese railing brackets are being installed. 


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