RAC Update – 11/20/2006


In order to prepare for a new tour route through the Mansion (which will use the recently reconstructed period I stair and allow for the demolition of the last surviving duPont stair), barricades are being constructed throughout the Mansion to guide visitors.  The barricades are either anchored into new material or pressure fitted onto Madison era fabric.


Approximately 90% of the rebar in the underground vault has been installed and the walls should be poured next week.

All the MEPs, diffusers and concrete cradles continue to be installed with the Montpelier construction crew drilling all holes.

M-200/M-205 (Small Bedroom/Upper North Passage)

Mathew Lohmeyer and Erin are nailing re-sued riven lath onto the ceiling as needed.  These are the last ceilings to be re-lathed on the second floor and the crew from Price Masonry should start installing lath on the walls after they finish.

M-201 (Large Bedroom)

A c. 1984 photo showing the missing composition ornament on the c. 1810 chimney piece in M-201 has been found.  The chimney piece is currently with Tom Snyder in Williamsburg for conservation and he will re-cast the missing elements.

M-201 (Large Bedroom) 

Wayne Mays and Mathew Lohmeyer have finished nailing up re-used riven lath onto the ceiling. 

M-206 (Drawing Room Chamber)

The flooring in the northeastern corner of this space is being replaced with face nailed heart pine floorboards.

South Upper Passage (M-208, M-209 and M-211) 

The flooring that was removed when the duPonts installed a new stair in c. 1901 is being replaced with new heart pine flooring.

M-001 (Dolley Kitchen)

Tim has removed the portions of the fireplace’s western jamb that had been replaced/expanded and he is currently reconstructing the jamb to its Madison era dimensions. 

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