RAC Update – 11/28/2006


The Madison period architraves that had been re-used (and often re-sized) by the duPonts are being repaired and restored as needed.  Every effort is being made to preserve original fabric and the patches will be seamless once painted.


The openings for the utility lines are being placed within the rebar framework of the vault.

Channels for the subterranean ductwork continue to be excavated in the cellar.

M-104/M-106 (Mr. Madison’s Room and the North Passage)

The c. 1901 duPont stair has been deconstructed and it is currently stored in the Silk Mill warehouse.  Other elements of the c. 1901 framing system are being removed from the first floor ceiling and the missing c. 1797 joists will be replaced later this week.  The stair was the last major element from the duPont’s c. 1901 renovations/expansion left in the house and its removal marks the official conclusion to the duPont era at Montpelier. 

M-105 (Dining Room)

Kevin Nieto is repointing above the two western windows. 

M-109 (South Passage)

Steve Chronister is installing the reconstructed double-leaf doors that lead out to the portico. 

M-205 (Upper North Passage)

Re-used riven lath is being installed on the restored framing at the western end of this space.   

South Upper Passage (M-208, M-209 and M-211) 

The flooring that was removed when the duPonts installed a new stair in c. 1901 is being replaced with new heart-pine flooring.

M-001 (Dolley Kitchen)

The fireplace’s western jamb and relieving arch have been repaired/replaced as needed (a large flue-pipe thimble had compromised much of the brick work over the relieving arch).  The existing iron lintel is moderately deteriorated (rust damage) and will be repaired by a blacksmith in Williamsburg before being replaced.

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