RAC Update – 12/04/2006


The vault’s interior layer of plywood is being mounted onto the rebar framework and the walls should be poured this week or next. 

The most of the major runs of ductwork in the garret and the walls have been completed and are being insulated.  The electrical conduit and high-pressure mist system continue to be installed throughout the house.

M-104/M-106 (Mr. Madison’s Room and the North Passage)

Repairs are being made to the framing of the ceiling in these spaces.  A majority of the repairs involve strengthening headers that were installed by the duPonts and replacing the truncated joist ends. 


Kevin Nieto has infilled the electrical chases in the masonry walls.

M-205 (Upper North Passage)

Re-used riven lath continues to be installed on the restored framing at the western end of this space.  

M-209 (Upper Passage) 

Matthew Lohmeyer has started to install re-used riven lath on the reconstructed walls of the upper passage closet.

M-210 (Southeastern Chamber or Chamber Chamber) 

Flooring damaged by the installation of plumbing in the Northwestern corner during the duPont occupation is being repaired by Mac Ward.


Austin Antrim has almost finished installing the reconstructed king post trusses in the Portico.  He will next be reconstructing the floor for the Madera garret.


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