RAC Update – 12/12/2006


The vault’s interior layer of plywood has been installed and the walls have been poured.

HVAC ductwork and conduit continue to be run throughout the house and work on the VESDA smoke detection system has started.

M-100 (North Chamber) 

Tim Proffitt is repointing the brick work above the southern window on the east wall.

M-104/M-106 (Mr. Madison’s Room and the North Passage)

New heart pine joist ends have been installed where the c. 1797 floor joists that had been truncated for the installation of the c. 1901 duPont stair.  A small patch of flooring in this space is also being repaired/replaced in preparation for reconstructing the partition between the two rooms.  

M-204 (Garret Closet)

Re-used riven lath is being installed on the ceiling of this space.  Because the interior walls of the closet will not be plastered, the new lath is being hung on thin furring strips to bring the ceiling down to the level of the new plate that anchors the studs.  The original lath has been encapsulated above the new ceiling.

M-209; M-208 and M-211 (Upper Passage, East Center Chamber and Southeastern Chamber) 

The c. 1765 partition walls have been recreated in these spaces, finally re-establishing the floor plan for second floor of the 1760s house.  Re-used riven lath is being installed on he new walls.


Austin Antrim has started to re-install the nailers for the flooring in the Madeira Garrett.  .


The foundation of the chimney stack has been underpinned to allow channels for the HVAC ductwork to be safely excavated. 

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