RAC Update – 12/18/2006


The pads on the floor of the vault for the air handlers and other pieces of large equipment have been poured.

HVAC ductwork and conduit continue to be run throughout the house and work on the VESDA smoke detection system continues.  The high pressure mist system is also being installed. 

M-104/M-106 (Mr. Madison’s Room and the North Passage)

New flooring has been installed along the south wall of M-104 and the next step will be to re-frame the partition.  A small piece of molding was also found in the wall between M-200 and M-201 that might relate to rails or stiles of paneling that possibly was installed on the period II stair in M-106. 

M-108 (Drawing Room) 

Holes for electrical outlets are being made in the baseboards in this room.

M-200/M-201 (Large and Small Bedrooms)

The existing c. 1850 plaster, which had been extensively damaged during the process of leveling and repairing the first and second floor framing, has been removed.  The masons from Price Masonry are preparing the exposed c. 1797 riven lath for plastering.

M-209; M-208 and M-211 (Upper Passage, East Center Chamber and Southeastern Chamber) 

Re-used riven lath continues to be being installed on the new walls. 


Austin Antrim has started to install the flooring for the Madeira Garrett.  Circa 1855 roof sheathing boards taken off during the installation of the restored roof are being used as floor boards. 

Chinese Rails 

The bases for the Chinese Rails are being fabricated and installed on the south wing.


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