RAC Update – 12/27/2006


The bunker’s main roof support has been installed and the interior walls are being pargeted.

Work on the electrical, fire suppression, VESDA, and temperature/humidity monitors continues. 

M-104/M-106 (Mr. Madison’s Room and the North Passage)

The partition wall between these two spaces has been reconstructed and the framing is being cut for reconstructing the stair.

M-109 (Old Dining Room)

Mathew Lohmeyer has started to re-install riven lath in this room. 

North and South Wings)

The ceilings of both wings are being insulated (fiberglass insulation (without a vapor barrier) held in place with sheetrock).  After the insulation is installed, nailers and riven lath will be affixed.

M-206 (Drawing Room Chamber)

The c. 1809 northeastern closet is being reconstructed.


Austin Antrim continues to install floorboards in the Madeira Garrett.


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