RAC Update – 1/17/2007


After a thorough study of the existing plaster to ensure that no Madison material would be inadvertently removed, a majority of the post-Madison plaster on the interior wood partition walls is being removed.  Large (2’ x 2’) samples are being taken from each wall where plaster will be removed and all plaster found on interior masonry partitions is being retained.  The plaster is being removed due to cracking that resulted from raising the flooring systems back to their approximate original locations. 


The roof of the bunker has been poured and the excavation for the entrance is on-going.

Work on the electrical, fire suppression, VESDA, and temperature/humidity monitors continues.  Two of the high-pressure mist lines have also successfully passed their initial pressure tests.

M-106 (North Passage)

Mac Ward is installing the framing for the Period II stair landing. 

M-109 (South Passage) 

Riven lath is being installed in this space.

M-110 (Back Chamber)

Riven lath has started to be installed on the ceiling of this room.

M-200 (Small Bedroom)

 New heart pine flooring is being installed where it had been removed to accommodate the duPont stair. 

M-207 (Drawing Room Chamber) 

Steve Chronister is replacing the section of the truss cord that had been removed in c. 1901.

Chinese Railings

The bottom supports for the railings continue to be prepared for installation.


Lights to illuminate the ceiling of the portico are being tested.


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