RAC Update – 1/25/2007


Foundation for the entrance has been poured.

Work on the electrical, fire suppression, VESDA, and temperature/humidity monitors continues. 

M-106 (North Passage)

Mac Ward has installed the framing for the Period II stair landing and is currently working on the carriages.

M-109 (South Passage) 

Riven lath is being installed in this space.


Lath is being installed in this room (circular sawn on the ceiling and riven on the walls). 

M-209/M-210 (Upper Passage/Linen Closet) 

A period I door frame that had been re-used by the duPonts has been installed in the doorway between the two rooms. 

Chinese Railings

The bottom supports for the north wing railing are in place and the posts are being installed.


We have started to investigate the Madison period III shutters that were found in the loft of one of the c. 1900 barns.  After an initial investigation, it appears shutters from the first and second floors of the main block survive as do shutters from the wings (although these shutters have been cut down from their original sizes).  Additionally, three shutters from the eastern Venetian doorway survive (two from the doorway itself and one from the sidelight) and one shutter that original hung on the triple-sash windows.  All of the shutters are in various states of disrepair and we will decided whether or not to re-used them on a case by case basis.


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