RAC Update – 1/31/2007


Work on the electrical, fire suppression, VESDA, and temperature/humidity monitors continues. 

The subterranean fiberglass ductwork is being installed throughout the cellar.

M-101 (North Wing Closet and Stair enclosure)

Les Lamois is framing the stair enclosure for the north cellar stairs  

M-106 (North Passage)

Mac Ward is finishing the carriages for the Period II stair and will hopefully fit them in place this week. Keith Forrey and Bill Bichell have installed new heart pine flooring in east end of the passage (the Madison flooring appears to have been removed in two stages.  The first in c. 1860 when the stair was altered for the first time and the second in c. 1901 when the duPonts installed new flooring to run the length of their new north stair passage).

M-115, M-116 and M-117 

Re-used riven lath is being installed in these rooms.


Re-used riven lath is being installed on the recently reconstructed   

M-206 (Old Library)

Re-used riven Lath is being installed across the c. 1901 doorway the duPonts had cut through the truss partition. 

Chinese Railings

The top rails are being installed on the north wing and a majority of the elements for the fretwork have also been fabricated.



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