RAC Update – 2/12/2007


Work on the electrical, fire suppression, VESDA, and temperature/humidity monitoring systems continues. 

The subterranean fiberglass ductwork continues to be installed throughout the cellar.

The forms for the bunker entrance walls are being constructed.

Chimney Pieces

Steve Chronister is resetting the existing chimney pieces in M-207 and M-212 (they have fallen away from the walls) and he will be re-installing the chimney piece in M-200 (it is currently on display at the Education Center).  We also expect (weather permitting) that the recently conserved chimney piece for M-201 to be reinstalled this week.

The chimney pieces that will be reconstructed are currently being designed and we will be reviewing the proposed designs at the next RAC meeting.


Re-used riven lath is being hung in this room and the surviving lath is being prepared for plastering.

M-106 (North Passage)

Mac Ward is installing the carriages that lead from the first floor to the landing.    

Re-used riven lath is also being installed in the western portion of this space. 

M-112 (Old Dining Room)

Keith Forrey is installing the rough door opening for the closet under the period I stair. 


Bill Bichell is repairing window stools for the wing windows.

Chinese Railings

Ed Gomez is installing the fretwork for the railings on the south deck. 


Repairs are being made to the exterior, northeastern corner of the main block foundation.

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