RAC Update – 2/20/2007


Work on the electrical, fire suppression, VESDA, and temperature/humidity monitoring systems continues. 

Installation of the subterranean fiberglass ductwork in the cellar has almost been completed.

The walls for the bunker stairs have been poured

M-105 (New Dining Room)

The installation and preparation of the lath on the walls and ceiling of this space has almost been completed.

M-106 (North Passage) 

Mac Ward is fabricating the ¼ flight carriages that will lead from the landing to the second floor.    

M-107 (Entry)

The paneled jambs and architraves/archivolts that originally trimmed the arched doorways are being prepared for re-installation (they were moved upstairs by the duPonts in c. 1901).  Each set of paneling and trim will be matched to their original doorway through nail evidence.  Heart pine patches are also being installed in the flooring.

M-108 (Drawing Room) The lath is being prepared for plastering on the ceiling of this room.   M-117 (Nelly’s Chamber Closet) 

Les LeMois has reconstructed the framing for the cellar stair enclosure

M-201 (Large Bedroom) 

The chimneypiece for this room has been conserved and delivered (Tom Snyder repaired/re-cast elements of the compo ornamentation, removed the modern paints from the tablets and coated the tablets with a barrier coating of B-72).  However it has not been re-installed because issues with a c. 1860s firebox reconstruction that resulted in the legs of the stone facing being set approximately ½” out-of-plumb.  The extra ½” pushes the top of the chimneypiece out past the plane of the plaster (which is tightly defined by existing period III corner beads).  In order to get the chimneypiece to once again sit flush with the plaster, as it did during the restoration period, we will be rebuilding the firebox and resetting the stone facing. 


Bill Bichell continues to repair window stools and window boxes for the wing windows.

Chinese Railings

Ed Gomez continues to install the fretwork for the railings on the south and north decks. 


Repairs continue on the exterior, northeastern corner of the main block foundation.

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