RAC Update – 3/27/2007


The new trim elements continue to be shaped by Blaise Gaston.  The heart pine that has been selected for the trim is knot free and of unbelievable quality.


Work on the electrical, fire suppression, VESDA, and temperature/humidity monitoring systems continues and portions of the duct and MEP channels in the cellar are being infilled.

The interior of the vault has also been painted.

M-001 (Dolley’s Kitchen)

The masons continue to install re-used lath as needed on the ceiling of this space.  

M-104 (Mr. Madison’s Room) 

Keith Forrey is repairing the flooring to the east of the reconstructed fireplace.

M-107 (Entry) 

The Madison era trim for the north and south arched doorways leading from this space continue to be being prepared for re-installation.

M-211 (Southeastern Chamber) 

Mac Ward has finished installing the trim for the room’s window, including reconstructed jambs, stool and architrave.  The corner boards have also been installed and the carpenters hope to start on the baseboards and surbases soon.  This will be the first room in the house to be totally re-trimed to its restored Madison’s era appearance.

Chinese Railings

Ed Gomez and Austin Atrim have almost finished installing the Chinese rails.  The masons have also repaired the brickwork where the Chinese rails anchored into the masonry. 


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