RAC Update – 4/17/2007


The trenches in the cellar continue to be filled and the Fiberglas ductwork is being run into the bunker.  Electrical trim out also continues. 


Wayne Mays is repairing and repointing the Colonnade’s northeastern foundation.

M-009 (Nelly’s Kitchen)

The masons continue to install and re-secure riven heart-pine lath on the ceiling of this space. 

M-100 (North Wing Chamber) 

The masons are installing re-used, riven heart pine lath on the reconstructed portion of the south wall. 


The new wrought iron lintel has been set in this fireplace and Wayne Mays continues to reconstruct the chimney back and flue.

M-200 (Small Bedroom)

Mac Ward is installing the plank jambs for the window in this room. 

M-208 (Small Bedchamber) 

Austin Antrim is installing baseboards in this space.  One baseboard fragment found during the deconstruction was discovered to have been originally installed along the southern wall.   This baseboard fragment was used to the design of the ovolo molding profile that runs along the top of the recreated baseboards it has recently been repatriated.

M-210 (Linen Closet) 

Bill Bichell has installed the baseboards in this space and he is currently installing the reconstructed shelving along the north wall.  The depths of the shelving and their locations are based on slots found in the masonry.

M-212 (Southwest Chamber) 

Ed Gomez is installing baseboard in this space. 

Chinese Rails 

The Chinese Rails are being prepared for painting.    

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