RAC Update – 4/25/2007


The trenches in the cellar continue to be backfilled and the ductwork connecting the vault to the cellar is being installed.  MEP installation and trim out continues.


The masons are installing and re-securing riven heart-pine lath on the north wall. 


Except for a small opening for duct access, Wayne Mays has finished reconstructing the firebox and chimney breast.  All of the missing reconstruction era chimney breasts and fireboxes have now been reconstructed.


Tim Proffit is preparing the hearth support to receive the stone hearth that Ray Cannetti will install later this week or next week.   

M-200 (Small Bedroom)

Mac Ward is installing the plank jambs for the north window. 


Nick Oster is installing the baseboard.

M-208 (Small Bedchamber) 

All of the trim in this room has been installed (baseboards and cornerboards)

M-210 (Linen Closet) 

All of the trim and shelving has been installed.

M-212 (Southwest Chamber) 

Ed Gomez is installing the surbase.

Chinese Rails 

The Chinese Rails are being painted.    


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