RAC Update – 5/01/2007


The trenches in the cellar continue to be backfilled and the ductwork connecting the vault to the cellar is being installed.  MEP installation and trim out continues.

M-106 (North Passage) 

Aaron Wiland is lathing the framing of the stair carriages.  

M-111 (Back Chamber) 

Ray Cannetti has installed the newly carved St. Bee’s sandstone plinths for the fireplace surround.   

M-204 (Garret Closet) 

Keith Forrey is preparing to install the rob light.

M-205 (Upper North Passage) 

Mac Ward has installed the trim around the eastern window and is currently installing the trim around the western window.  The southern leg of the architrave was found to date to Madison Period III (c. 1811), but, based on nail evidence, the surviving head and northern leg appear to date to c. 1880.  In response, the c. 1880 material has been placed into storage and newly mill architrave sections were substituted.

M-207 (North-East Central Bedchamber) 

Bill Bichell is installing the reconstructed casing and trim for the closet door.

M-210 (Linen Closet) 

The spaces that had been left un-lathed for the installation of the shelving are being lathed.

M-211 (Southeast Chamber) 

Wayne Mays is installing stainless steel wire lath over the framing that encloses the HVAC return ductwork and chimney stack.

M-212 (Southwest Chamber) 

Ed Gomez is installing the surbase and base.

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