RAC Update – 5/8/2007


The duct work and conduit from the cellar is being connected to the bunker.  The utility lines from the event panels around the Mansion are also being bored to the bunker.

M-105 (New Dining Room) 

After removing the c. 1880s plaster from around the fireplace, it was discovered that the outer wythe on the lower part of the western corner was not tied into the stack or the wall.  Because the wythe had started to pull way from the stack, Wayne Mays had to partially rebuild the corner and fill the existing void with mortar. 

M-111 (Back Chamber) Ray Cannetti has finished installing the recreated St. Bee’s sandstone surround. M-205 (Upper North Passage) 

Keith Forrey is repairing the floors at the head of the stair landing.  

M-201 (Upper North Passage) 

Mac Ward has installed the paneled jambs for the window on the north elevation.  He is currently working on installing the plinth blocks and architraves. 

M-206 (North-East Central Bedchamber) 

Bill Bichell has installed almost all of the base and approximately 1/3 of the surbase for this room.  Since the room will be used as an architectural study space, this will be all of the base and surbase installed at this time (although enough of the trim has been produced to finish the entire room).

M-207 (Southwest Chamber) 

Ed Gomez is installing the surbase and base.


Tim Proffitt is partially reconstructing the north side of the eastern cellar entrance to the north cellar passage.  The work was required due to a loss of mortar that appears to have occurred prior to the duPont occupation.

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