RAC Update – 5/15/2007


Connections between the cellar, event panels and the bunker continue to be made.  Most of the heavy equipment has been pulled off the job and the end is in site for the bunker construction project.

M-200 (Small Bedroom)

Mac Ward has started to install the reconstructed door frame between this space and the Upper North Passage (M-205).

M-201 (Large Bedroom)

Mac Ward has installed the paneled jambs, architraves and running plinth for the window on the north elevation. 

M-204 (Garret Closet)

Keith Forrey is repairing a damaged section of flooring on the west end of the closet.

M-207 (Southwest Chamber)

Ed Gomez continues to install the surbase and base.  He is also repairing the plank jamb for the doorway leading to the upper north passage.

M-209 (Upper South Passage)

Austin Antrim is installing this room’s surbase. 


The level of the Madison period III grade has been set over most of the exterior and the below ground portion of the foundation is being pargeted with Rosendale cement. 


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