RAC Update – 5/23/2007


MEP installation continues and final planning for drilling the geo-thermal wells has started.

M-118 and M-117 (Nelly’s Chamber and Nelly’s western Closet) 

Keith Forrey has restored the original heights of window surrounds on the three western windows (they had been cut down when a drop ceiling was installed by Marion duPont during the Red Room construction).

M-201 (Large Bedroom) 

Mac Ward is building the stair to the deck door on the north wall and will trim the door after the stair is completed. 

Bill Bichell has also finished installing a Madison-era doorway between this room and the Upper North Passage (M-205) 

M-204 (Garret Closet) 

Keith Forrey has installed the trim around the rob light.

M-207 (Southwest Chamber) 

Ed Gomez continues to install the surbase and base.  Much of the base survives and the surbase profile comes from a very clear ghost found on the side of the c. 1764 chimneypiece. 

M-209 (Upper South Passage) 

Austin Antrim continues to install the room’s surbase. 


Ray Cannetti has made a punch list of the remaining areas that need to be cleaned on the exterior brick work and has trained two of the Montpelier Construction crew members to do the work.  After the cleaning, Ray will return and slightly tint any joints or patches that still do not blend in with the surrounding masonry. 


Matt Reeve’s field school is chasing down the southern portion of the fence line that was in front of the Mansion during Madison’s retirement period.  They expect to be there throughout much of the summer.


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