RAC Update – 6/6/2007


MEP work continues in the bunker and work has begun on the perimeter drain.

M-200 and M-201

Both of these rooms are being prepared for the installation of the mantels, baseboards and surbases. 

M-205 (Upper North Passage) 

Mac W. is installing the surbase that runs along the stair flights and landing. 

Interior Trim 

Keith F. and Bill B. continue to prepare the entry’s arched door surrounds and the drawing room’s paneled jambs for re-installation.


Wayne M. continues to apply the final coats of rendering to the pilasters. 


The masons are installing lath on the ceiling of the colonnade.  The lath is being installed on thin furring strips, which have been installed to ensure each joist bay is properly ventilated, that run perpendicularly to the joists.  


Wit J. continues to clean the repointed or replaced sections of exterior brickwork.

Architectural Artifacts 

Josh T. has almost finished cataloging all of the materials removed during the restoration that will be placed into the restoration collection.  While we expect a small amount of additional material to be added to the collection, the 7850 entries that he has made so far constitute the vast bulk of the collection.  After he finishes the materials we have on hand and edits the entries, we will start to catalog the duPont collection currently in storage at the Silk Mill.


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