RAC Update – 6/12/2007


The fresh air intake, which will be hidden by the north wings eastern porch, has been installed.  Work on the perimeter drain also continues and the cellar control room is being installed.

M-200 and M-201

Work continues on preparing both of these rooms for surbase and the base, much of which survives, is being installed in 201.

M-205 (Upper North Passage) 

Mac Ward is installing the surbase that runs along the stair flights and landing. 

M-108 (Drawing Room) 

Keith Forrey has installed the original c. 1809 paneled jambs in the Drawing Room’s north doorway.  The architrave survives for the Drawing side of this doorway, although it was cut down by the duPonts.  Keith is currently restoring the legs of the architrave to their original lengths.




The masons are facing the vertical duct chases with bricks, officially closing off the doorways the duPonts created through the interior brick partitions. 

The small enclosed space that will hold much of the in-house mechanical and security controls has also been framed.  The space dates to c. 1809 and clear evidence for the framing was found on the first floor joist. 


The subterranean sections of the foundation, which were recently pargetted, are being wrapped in a waterproof material that will help to drain water away from the foundation.

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