RAC Update – 6/20/2007

Installing Chair Rail in the North Passage (106)



 The trench around the vault is being back filled and the base for the radiant heating system in the cellar passages is being installed. Running cables through conduit and trim out also continues.

M-107 (Entry)

Bill Bischell has installed the original Madison paneled jambs, paneled soffits and architraves for the arched doorways leading to the north and south passages. These elements had been re-used by the duPonts.

M-108 (Drawing Room)

Keith Forrey is installing the architrave for the southern doorway that leads to the south (1764) passage. This architrave was cut down and re-used by the duPonts and so it has been returned to its original size and fitted with new plinth blocks.

M-200 and M-201

Most of the base has been installed in 201 and they are preparing the base for 200.

M-205 (Upper North Passage)

Mac Ward continues to install the surbase that runs along the stair flights and landing.


Trenches continue to be filled and the Montpelier construction crew has started to install the pressure treated 6”x6” sleepers that will support the wooden floor on the 1797 side of the cellar.


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