RAC Update – 6/27/2007


Plasteringbunker fillingwell driling

      Plastering M-210           Filling Around Vault   Drilling Geothermal Wells




Approximately ½ of the vault has been buried.  The drilling for the geothermal system’s 12 wells has also started and they have laid out the radiant heating tubes for the north kitchen and the north cellar passage. 


The masons have filled M-208, M-210, M-211 and M-212 with approximately 4’ high scaffolding to facilitate plastering the ceiling.  The floors have also been protected with a layer of plastic that is overlaid with another layer of masonite.  The masons have also started plastering the ceilings in M-210 (Upper South Passage Closet). 

M-104 (Mr. Madison’s Room) and M-105 (Dining Room) 

Ray C. has installed the marble hearths for both of these fireplaces. 

M-109 (South Passage) 

Keith F. has installed the reconstructed architraves and the walnut threshold for the doorway into the Drawing Room. Evidence for the size of the threshold was taken from the surviving flooring as well as a piece of the original threshold that was found in the c. 1901 brickwork that infilled the doorway. 

Bill B. is installing a reconstructed architrave around the western exterior doorway.

M-200 (Small Bedroom) 

Ed G. is installing the baseboard in this room.  Several large pieces of the original baseboard survive on the west wall and other original pieces are being re-installed on the east and north walls. 

M-201 (Large Bedroom)

Austin A. continues to install the reconstructed surbase.

1797 Cellar 

The pressure treated sleepers for the wooden floor system in the 1797 cellar are approximately ¾ installed. 



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