RAC Update – 7/3/2007

211 pre-plastering211 plastering211 plastered

                            Plastering M-211 (SE Chamber)           


Work continues on drilling the geothermal wells and the grade on the east side of the mansion is slowly being re-established. 


The ceilings in M-208 (passage chamber), M-211 (south eastern chamber) and M-212 (dining room chamber) have all received their scratch coat.  Additionally, approximately ½ of the wall surface above the chair rail in M-211 and M-212 has been rough coated.  Finally, the brown coat has been applied to the ceiling in M-210 (upper passage closet). 

M-200 (Small Bedroom) 

Ed G. is installing the final pieces of flooring around the reconstructed hearth opening in this room (the original 1797 hearth had been removed by the duPonts in 1901 to make room for a doorway) and he also continues to work on the baseboards.

M-201 (Large Bedroom)

Austin A. continues to install the reconstructed surbase.  He is approximately ½ around the room.

M-205 (Upper North Passage)

Mac W. is installing the newel posts and nosing around the second floor stair landing. 

1797 Cellar 

The pressure treated sleepers for the wooden floor system have been installed.  The carpenters (Les L., Thomas T., Chris E., and Whit J.), have placed a new, borate treated barrel in a large hole discovered by the archaeologists during their excavation of the cellar.  The hole showed signs of originally being lined with a barrel and it would probably have been used by President Madison to store root vegetables.

  003 sleepers

Sleepers in the 1797 Cellar

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