Montpelier Restoration Update – 7/12/2007


Six of the twelve geo-thermal wells have been drilled and the security wiring is being installed throughout the house. Radiant heating pipes are also being installed in the floor of Nelly’s kitchen.


The finish coat has been applied to the ceiling in M-210 (passage closet) and the brown coat has been applied to portions of the walls in M-211 (southeastern bedchamber) and M-212 (southwestern bedchamber). Additionally, the ceiling of the colonnade has received its scratch coat.


Plastering the Colonnade


M-109 (South Passage)

Bill B. is installing the architraves and plinth blocks for the western exterior doorway. This doorway, which was constructed circa 1765 and initially replaced circa 1809, had been converted into a double hung window in the 1850s. The double-hung window in turn was replaced with a triple-hung window in the 1860s. Because of the five generations of renovations made to this doorway, and the matching doorway for the north passage, it is perhaps the most consistently altered element in the mansion.

M-201 (Large Bedroom)

Austin A. continues to install the reconstructed surbase.


M-205 (Upper North Passage)

Mac W. has started to trim the period II stair and has applied a portion of the stringboard to the upper stair flight. He has also started to install the skirting board that runs from the surbase to the second floor landing. Nailers in southern wall of the stairwell give evidence for this skirting board.

Installing Period II Stair Stringer


Nick O. is repairing the interior cornice prior to re-installing it.

Repair Cornice

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