Montpelier Restoration Update – 7/18/2007


Radiant Heating nellysNine of the twelve geothermal wells have been drilled. Radiant heating piping has also been laid out for the floor of Nelly’s kitchen and wires for the electrical and security systems continue to be installed.



plasteringA majority of the brown coat has been applied to the walls in M-211 (southeastern bedchamber) and M-208 (Passage Chamber). Additionally, the ceiling of the colonnade has received its scratch coat.



M-106 (North Passage)

Bill B. has installed both leaves of the western doorway.

M-111 (first floor chamber)

repairing m111 architraveKeith F. is repairing the surviving circa 1765 doorway between M-111 and M-110 (the period I stair enclosure).

 This doorway had been moved to the cellar by the duPonts in 1901.



Ed G. continues to install the baseboard and has started to layout the surbase.

M-201 (Large Bedroom)

Austin A. is installing two Madison-era baseboards on the east wall.


M-205 (Upper North Passage)

first tread for pII stairMac W. has installed the first treads and risers for this stair. The stair is a bit unusual in that the nosing of the tread projects past the newel post. Evidence for this arrangement was discovered by comparing the location of the circa 1797 newel posts with the slope of the stair.



northeast retaining wall for cellar entryThe retaining walls and foundation for the stairs leading to the cellar passages on the east side of the Mansion are being poured. These walls will be faced with bricks.

2 Responses to Montpelier Restoration Update – 7/18/2007

  1. Lynne Hastings says:


    You and your team continue to amaze me. Not only the work, but this web connection, are relating an extraordinary restoration. Kudos!

    Note: We had to drill more than 20 wells at Hampton. You are lucky to be only drilling 12!

    Cheers; take care; and THANKS!

  2. Thanks Lynne and I can’t imagine having to live through 8 more wells. They’ve been drilling outside of our construction offices for most of this week and we’ve all been reduced to wearing ear plugs for most of the day. Thankfully there is only one more well to go…

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