Montpelier Restoration Update – 8/1/2007


Drains are being installed around the mansion’s perimeter and in front of the entrances to the cellar passage. Wiring also continues to be run for the electrical, HVAC and security systems.


Blaise G. continues to mill the new trim elements with incredible precision.


George D. Mixing PlasterGeorge D. Adding Hair to the PlasterTim Plastering

George D. Mixing Plaster Adding Hair Tim Applying the Plaster

The scratch coat is being applied to the ceilings in M-201 (Large Bedroom) and M-204 (Garrett Closet). The finish coat has also been applied to the ceiling of the colonnade and all of M-211 (southeastern chamber) above the surbase level. The first coat of white wash has also been brushed onto the walls and ceiling of M-212 (the southwestern chamber). Almost all of the interior walls in the mansion will receive approximately three coats of white wash after plastering. As more information on the restoration-era interior wall finishes is uncovered, the white wash will be replaced with wallpaper or a colored wash.

M-001 (Dolley’s Kitchen)

Paving 100 2

Approximately 3/8 of the pavers have been laid on the kitchen floor.

M-100 (North Wing Chamber)

triming window in 100


Bill B. has started to trim the western window on the north elevation. This window had been infilled with brick in circa 1855 and was re-opened as part of the current restoration. The new trim (architraves, plank jambs, plinth blocks, sash, paneled apron, etc.) for this window is an exact recreation of the surviving trim found on the room’s two western windows.

Keith F. has also replaced the flooring where the jambs are inset into the exterior masonry walls for two windows. The circa 1809 flooring that once filled these spaces had been removed between circa 1855 and circa 1901.

M-105 (Dining Room)

Keith F. has installed a patch in the flooring where the northern window is inset into the exterior wall. The Madison flooring had been removed in circa 1855 when the window was infilled.

M-200 (Small Bedroom)

Ed G. continues to install the surbase in this room.

M-205 (Upper North Passage)

Mac W. is installing the skirt board for the upper flight of the period II stairs.


Austin repairing cornice

Austin A. is repairing the colonnade’s surviving circa 1809 interior cornice. The cornice was removed approximately two years ago when the framing for the colonnade’s upper deck was repaired.

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