Montpelier Restoration Update – 8/8/2007

HVAC/MEPWork continues on the storm water and sewage drains


Blaise G. has started to mill the paneling for the period II stair.


Plastering 201212 Whitewashed

The walls of M-201 (large bedroom) are being covered with a scratch coat and the ceiling of the garret closet (M-204) has received its scratch and brown coats. The walls above the chair rail in the southeast and southwest bedrooms (M-211 and M-212) have also been given their first coat of whitewash.

M-001 (Dolley’s Kitchen)

Finished paving in 001

The masons have finished laying the herringbone pavers.

M-100 (North Wing Chamber)

100 window paneled apron

Bill B. continues to trim out the windows. Currently he is installing the plank jambs and paneled aprons.

M-200 (Small Bedroom)

200 corner bead

Ed G. has installed the corner beads on the chimney breast.

M-205 (Upper North Passage)

Mac W. is installing the final newel post on the second floor. These simple square posts are based off of a small fragment an original newel that was found during the restoration’s deconstruction phase. The recovered newel fragment was grained to look like mahogany and so the reconstructed newels will also be grained.


Wayne M. has applied the finish coat to the northern pilaster.


Repairing CorniceInstalling Cornice

Austin A. has finished repairing the colonnade’s cornice and has started to re-install the several pieces.


Work continues on the retaining walls and stairs that will be used to access the cellar passages’ (M-002 and M-008) eastern entrances.

Metal caps for the chimneys are also being installed. Because of the fire risk, and the fact that much of the HVAC ductwork is routed through the chimney stacks, no fires will ever be set in the Mansion fireplaces and these caps will help keep rain and animals out of the chimneys.


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