Montpelier Restoration Update – 8/29/2007


Underground piping for the mansion’s downspouts is being installed and the foundations for the western cellar entrance retaining walls are being excavated. Electrical trim out also continues.


Tim Scratching scratch coat brown coat in 201

Tim Scratching the Ceiling in 201 Finish Brown Coat in 201

Above the chair rail in M-200 (small bedroom) and below the chair rail in M-201 (large bedroom) have received their scratch coats. The brown coat has also been applied to the walls of M-210 (linen closet).

M-101 and M-103 (North Wing Closets)

Bill installing architrave 101


Bill Bichell is installing the window trim for both rooms.

M-104 (Mr. Madison’s Room)

Ed Gomez is installing the door frame between M-104 (Mr. Madison’s room) and M-106 (North Passage).

M-105 (Dining Room)

Austin Antrim is installing the door frame between M-105 and M-106 (north passage)

M-106 (North Passage)

Mac installing spandral


Mac Ward is installing the stair spandrel (the paneling that runs between the skirt board and the floor). Because the stair that Mac is reconstructing was removed in circa 1860, very few of the stairs decorative elements survive. In order to design these elements (such as the balusters, stair brackets and railing), details were collected from other surviving circa 1800 stairs. For the spandrel paneling, a stair found in the c. 1800 Ellwood Manor (Wilderness Battlefield, Orange County, Va) was consulted. However, the molding profiles and construction techniques are based off evidence found at Montpelier.

M-204 (Garrett Closet)

installing shelving in 204


Keith Forry is installing the shelving for this closet. The size and spacing of the shelves was based off of surviving pockets in the masonry walls

M-009 (Nelly’s Kitchen)

Wayne Mays has started to lay the brick pavers.


wayne south pilaster

The masons continue to apply the final coat of render to the southern pilaster.

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