Montpelier Restoration Update – 9/19/2007



The doors are being installed on the vault and the vault’s ducts continue to be insulated.


Brown coat in 201 tim plastering 207

The finish brown coat layer is being applied to the walls of the Large Bedroom (M-201) and an intermediate brown coat is being troweled onto the walls above the chair rail in the Old Library (M-207). The colonnade ceiling and the walls in the southwestern chamber (M-212) also continue to receive additional coats of whitewash.

M-100 (North Wing Chamber)

baseboards in 100

Bill Bichell is installing the running plinths on the windows.

Austin Antrim has started to prepare the replacement baseboards for this room.

Keith Forry has finished trimming the doorway into M-102. Both legs of this doorway had been re-used by the duPonts and they have both been re-installed.

M-102 (North Wing Passage)

Austin installing door trim 102
Austin Antrim has finished trimming the door frame that leads to the cellar.

M-106 (North Passage)

Period II stair Mac installing stair tread

Mac Ward has finished installing the treads and risers for the first flight of the passage’s stair.

M-008 (Nelly’s Kitchen)

The masons have finished paving Nelly’s kitchen floor.


building south cellar retaining wall

The masons are laying the retaining wall that will serve as the entrance to the south wing cellar.

Red Wash

Red Wash mock up 2

Paint Conservator Susan Buck applied a second set of test samples to the red wash mock up panel. These samples contained more casein (a glue/paint binder made from milk proteins) then the original samples and so they may bind more thoroughly to the bricks then the first batch.



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