Montpelier Restoration Update – 9/26/2007


White coating ceiling of 105

The finish coat has been applied to the ceiling in the upper north passage (M-205), the large bedroom (M-201) has been completely finished and a finish brown coat has been troweled on the walls above the chair rail of the small bedroom (M-200).


M-104 (Mr. Madison’s Room)

Installing 104 paneled door jambs

Keith Forry is installing the panel jamb and trim for the doorway between this room and M-101 (closet). He has also installed a new threshold for this doorway. The original threshold was removed when the duPonts filled in the doorway in 1901 and it is made from walnut to match a fragment of a Madison period III threshold found in the Drawing Room (M-108) during deconstruction.

Bill Bichell is installing the plank jambs and trim for the north and east windows. The north window had been bricked up in circa 1850 and the eastern window was made into a doorway by duPonts during their 1901 renovations. Fortunately the duPont’s re-used the eastern window frame in their new additions, allowing us to return the frame back to its Madison-era location.


M-105 (Dining Room)

Installin 105 headpiece

Austin Antrim is installing the head pieces for the door to the north passage (M-106).


M-106 (North Passage)


Mac cutting stringer a
Mac Ward is cutting and installing the skirt board that will run along the wall.


M-107 (Entry)

Keith exposing floor

Keith Forry is exposing a circa 1809 floor by removing the remaining paper backing left from a duPont era linoleum floor.


M-212 (Northwestern Chamber)

Primed chimney piece in 212

Dino Copeland has started to prepare the woodwork in this room for painting. He is lightly sanding the trim and removing loose areas of paint. After sanding, Dino is applying a shellac based primer that has been tinted to a color close to the trim color that was specified by Madison in circa 1812. After the trim has been prepared, a restoration painter will coat the woodwork with a finish coat of hand-ground linseed-oil paint that will exactly replicate the original texture and color of the circa 1812 paint.



treating flooring in cellar

Les LaMois and Thomas Tyler are treating the floorboards that will be installed in the 1797 portion of the cellar with Boracare (a borate based wood preservative). These boards will be installed on the wooden sleepers (joists that lay directly on the ground) that were installed this summer. Evidence for these sleepers was found archaeologically.



The masons continue to lay the south wing cellar retaining wall and have started to build a similar brick wall for the north cellar entrance.


ed installing decking

Ed Gomez has also re-installed the decking on the north and south wing roofs. The decking had to be temporally removed to finish installing the lighting protection system.


rac looking at red wash sample

The Restoration Advisory Committee also met this week. Among the topics discussed were red wash, column finishes, hardware, stair designs, recreated chimney pieces, reconstructing the Madison-era fence west of the mansion, and floor treatments.


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